Jackie Camacho

Jackie Camacho

Selva & Co Realty
PLAYA REAL ESTATE MALL by Selva & Co Realty was born in Playa Del Carmen Mexico thanks to the organic growth and high demand for superior real estate experience by the very demanded and savvy real estate investor in Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya Mexico. The Company’s main expertise is to provide a top quality real estate experience to potential buyers and their families making all transactions safe, minimizing risks, with “client satisfaction” as the main focus of the company.

Our professionals are concerned with their client's needs. They work as personal vacation home/retirement counselors. They are client centered as opposed to property oriented, so their most important consideration is to meet the specific and realistic goals of you, the client. Each Selva & Co professional is compensated by the means of the sale or by an agreed fee discussed upon early in the client/counselor relationship and is motivated to seek out the best way of achieving your goals. They work very hard to ensure that by working together, you, the client, are satisfied. Selva & Co believes in the importance of listening to its cli\ents and does that by emphasizing the client’s real situation before presenting a list of available or recommended properties.


Real Estate License in Mexico
In Mexico, as opposed to the USA, Canada and other countries, executives are not required a state license to promote and represent you on a real estate transaction, Here at Selva & Co we have two ways around that to ensure your peace of mind. First, we have a Mexican standard business license and are legally able to operate as a broker. Second, before any type of legal commitment, Agreement or LOI, a legal representative is highly advised to ensure the property you are considering is legally marketable with no encumbrances. In this case, Selva & Co can recommend a list of attorneys including First American Title Services.